Haon Kwanghee | JTBC ‘Kids These Days’ cute interaction

Haon will have a new hyung on JTBC ‘Kids These Days’ beside Yoo Jaesuk & Ahn Junghwan. The new hyung is Hwang Kwanghee !! Let’s check out their interaction

Haon Kwanghee

Haon kwanghee. A friendship that start when both of them appear as a guest on Radio Star ep 602. Kwanghee also recently have been confirm as the new permanent cast of the show after become a guest on JTBC ‘Kids These Days’ ep 8. Let’s check out their cute interaction from the episode.


Kwanghee Jealousy

Who is Yoo Jaesuk son ??? After Kwanghee serve his mandatory Military Service, there someone who replace him as Yoo Jaesuk son, it’s Haon !! Haon even hug Yoo Jaesuk hyung that make Kwanghee furious


Reply 1990

The theme of this episode is back to 90’s. Where Haon will experience what the kids experience 30 years ago. This gonna be a fun experience with Haon who born on 2000.

Haon vs Kwanghee play Old School Street Fighter

Haon love games, but he never play this kind of old school analog game before, so Kwanghee should have an upper hand right ??? Not really, because somehow someway Haon made a comeback !! The loser of this game is also need to stay away from Yoo Jaesuk hyung for the day.



Haon Kwanghee : Pogo Stick battle


Kwanghee have a pride as Variety show sunbaenim. He’s been doing this kind of stuff as long as we can remember. But… maybe this is why Kwanghee is chosen as variety show entertainer and not as an athlete.

Recap of Haon Kwanghee this episode

This clip basically explain everything.



Bonus : Happy Haon



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What do You think about the interaction between Haon Kwanghee ?? We gonna see more of this in the future !!