Jeebanoff Better Than Now | A new story

Jeebanoff release a new single !! It’s been more than 6 months Since the release his ‘Panorama’ EP. The new song is said to be a new chapter with new story of Jeebanoff,

Jeebanoff better than now

Jeebanoff Better than now.  A new single by the R&B Singer who officially debut on March, 2016. For this track, Lee jae min (Jeebanoff real name) is collaborating with GiiANA & LNNN in a sad yet dreamy piece. He were trying to convey his emotion to the listener & Viewers as much as possible, by incorporating different element to the Music of ‘Better Than Now’

The trademark of his music/songs is that he’s share a story close to him. No different this time around, the music, Lyrics, MV & Vibes is portraying a sorrowful feelings. Even though it still have Jeebanoff gentle voice that always leave the listener wanting for more.

Jeebanoff Better than Now MV

The Music Video is so pretty right ?? It was actually shoot in Hong Kong !! He go to such length so he can express all the emotion that he want to convey in the song. The Music piece also filled with slight background noise (do you notice like a subtle static noise in the background?) that’s actually did in purpose !! Jeebanoff want to convey a state of confused mind while someone in sorrow.

This is a snippet of the Lyrics 

“Recently i havent felt the same way about you Anymore
Maybe being a little honest now would be better
I’m already Starting to forget you, i Think it’s for the best
I’m Already starting to forget you ..”



A track that i suggest from Jeebanoff is ‘Timid’ featuring Changmo. Beside singing, he also can rap a bit ~

Jeebanoff have been really active in these past 2 years. He recently also featured on Lym En track ‘Yes I Need‘. Don’t forget to follow his activities on his Instagram : & Soundcloud . He also tell in the single album profile that this song gonna have a follow up in the future. We can’t wait for more great music on 2019 !


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What do you think of Jeebanoff better than now ?? Is he one of your favorite R&B Singer ?? Let us knows below in the comment section !