Hanhae Letter Handwritten for the fans | A short Goodbye

Hanhae already go to serve his mandatory Military service as a conscript policeman. Before he goes for 21 months, he say goodbye to the fans by leaving a handwritten letter on his Instagram.

Hanhae Letter

Hanhae Letter. Hanhae left a  handwritten letter for his fans on 7th of February 2019. the day where he enlist to serve his military duty. Before he leave, Hanhae make sure to say goodbye properly to his fans by Having a solo concert, Release a new EP, and last but not least : Make a handwritten letter for the fans as a depart gift.

Hanhae Letter

Hanhae Handwritten Letter

This is a rough translation of Hanhae letter, personally handwritten by Hanhae :

“Hello i’m Hanhae..
it’s been a while since i wrote a handwritten letter, it feels kinda strange..
Actually i want to write this letter last night before my enlistment..
I don’t know what my life gonna be without all the fans that i treasure¬†

I actually feel happy instead of scared today
Tomorrow, 8th february my new album is out, just think of it as my present to you
please give it a listen, i gonna be happy if you happy while listening to it

I feel like there’s many thing that i haven’t done
Just like i said in my concert, you are the one that makes me shine brighter than a star
I will return your love once at a time T
hanks for coming to my life, Take care of your health, I will be back”

Hanhae ‘Aigoo’ from his About Time EP

Make sure to Listen to Hanhae new EP ‘About Time‘ and all the track inside. Just like Hanhae said in his letter, he will be happy when his fans give it a listen ~


Make sure to follow Hanhae Instagram : @Hanhae1990 & his agency : @Brandnewmusic2011 . It’s still gonna be a while till he come back but don’t miss his updates whenever he got a vacation later !!

What do you think of Hanhae Letter ?? Let’s wait patiently for Hanhae and wish him to be healthy while he serve his military duty !!