The Fan Final !! Bibi & CartheGarden Journey from Top 5

SBS The Fan finally reach the final !! After 11 episode full of memories, there’s only 2 contestant left for the Final. Is none other than 2 amazing talented singer Bibi & CartheGarden ! Let’s check their journey on the Semifinal.

The Fan Final

The Fan Final !! It’s been a long journey for the fans, fanmaster & contestant. One thing for sure, it’s been a great journey for Bibi & CartheGarden because they go as far as the final !!! The two singers represent the concept of this show : talented rookie & Unknown talented artist that didn’t get the spotlight in the music industry. Let’s check their performance on Top 5 & top 3 !!


Bibi stage performance before The Fan Final

The Fan Final

Bibi keep showing different sides of her every time she perform. She really shine more when it’s Top 5, where the episode is LIVE (isn’t pre recorded). She’s a natural stage performer who always can connect with the audience, doesn’t matter what kind of song she perform.


Bibi ‘See Through‘ on The Fan Top 5 (Original Primary & Zion T)

Bibi perform Primary & Zion T Songs and make it her own ?? Yes Please !! Zion T songs is one of the hardest to cover because of the unique voice & Style. Yet Bibi pulled it off with high marks.

Cover ‘When where What How‘ The Fan Top 3 (Original Block B/Park Kyung Solo feat Jo Hyunah of Urban Zakapa)

After being known for her cool & swag. Bibi shows another side of her by having a stage which show yet another charm of Bibi. Bibi can do any type of concept and make it shine.


Original song with Yoon Mirae ‘Heart Stealer’ The Fan Top 3

This is why Bibi is on Feelghood Music !! Bibi doesn’t forget her hip hop roots and deliver a performance that actually could be a risky with the crowd that were not all hip hop fans. Bibi goes far to the stage using her emotion & voice while often sing ballad songs, yet on the final she deliver a cool hip hop stage with Yoon Mirae !!


CarTheGarden performance before The Fan Final

The Fan Final

As one of the veteran, it’s still flabbergasting on how someone as CarTheGarden is ‘Unknown’ to the public. He finally have a chance to showcase his skills in front of national television, and boy he did. CarTheGarden show the Charisma that his loyal fans seen countless times in concerts, now in the bigger stage.


‘Wait More’ on The Fan Top 5 (Original The Black Skirts)

Wow, just wow. How about  covering one of the legendary song from The Black Skirts. The Black skirts actually just announce that they gonna release a new album, maybe a collaboration perhaps ??

Carthegarden ‘Waiting Room’ on The Fan Top 3

This is actually not one of his most popular song, but he can captivate the audience with a charismatic stage. Even lyricist Kim Eana can’t stop her tears after listening to CartheGarden Stage. The emotion is just, perfect.


With feat Jang hyejin ‘Tomboy‘ on the Fan Top 3 (Original Hyukoh)

Another S level difficulty for a song cover. Hyukoh songs is hard to cover because their peculiar musik style that no one else have and oh hyuk unique voice. Yet CartheGarden & legendary singer Jang Hyejin able to remake the songs into something completely different ! It feels like we watching a musical when the two of them perform.

Make sure to follow their activities on their Instagram (They actually interact a lot!) @Nakedbibi & @Carthegarden . We gonna support both of you in the finals !! You can also watch the episode of 10 & 11 with English Subs HERE.


We gonna be happy with anyone as a winner, but we really curious of your pick for SBS The Fan Final??? Let us knows below !!