Loco Fact | Get to know more of Kwon Hyukwoo !!

Loco is one of the most popular rapper of 2018. After having a successful career, Loco went to military just recently. I know you must be sad, but let’s look at these Loco fun facts to cheers you up !!

Loco Fact

Loco Fact. Loco is one of the nicest rapper out there, breaking the paradigm that hip hop artist is scary, swears a lot & more of other negative prejudice. Let’s get to know more about Loco and why everyone love Loco so much !!

Stage Name ‘Loco’

Loco Stage Name is Loco, Loco is a spanish words for ‘Crazy’. Eh why ??? This stage name is actually Loco nickname on University, where he often goes out of control because he’s a weak drinker . Also the same reason why his Twitter username is @Locogocrazy


Earlier Stage Name by GRAY

Loco fact

Before he’s Loco, Kwon Hyukwoo have another stage name, it’s ‘Demaine’. The Stage name is given by GRAY when both of them in university. Well it’s just history now, i think Loco suit him more as a stage name, do you agree??


Brainswords, University Hip hop club.

Loco also is a part of ‘Brainswords’ club with GRAY in Hongik University. Other artist that came out from that Hip Hop club is Woo Wonjae. Hoody, Ja mezz & many more !!

Economic Students, a diligent one

Loco never finish his studies at university, but he was diligent one at studies.  Loco have good SAT Scores, good grades & always top of the classes. His goals is actually to be a banker but GRAY ask Loco to join him as a musician instead, the rest is history.


First Season of Show Me the Money winner !!

Show Me The Money already on the 7th Season, but did you know that Loco is the first winner of SMTM ?? Loco is one of the most successful contestant that comes out from SMTM Season 1 which not really popular because of the low ratings, lack of star power & low popularity of KHH overall on 2012. Loco also come back to SMTM, but as a producer on SMTM 4.

He actually gonna go to the Army if he fails SMTM 1 Audition, we glad he postpone that decision for 7 years and give us a lot of good memories. Please be safe & healthy while yo serve your mandatory military service Loco ~

This is just a small part of Loco Fact that we compile, There still more facts from our favorite AOMG Rapper. Check out the next PAGE