WOODZ Song Cover | Taeyeon, Stevie Wonder, Michael Buble

Woodz back with a tons of song cover !!!  Wait, who is WOODZ ?? He’s actually someone you probably already familiar with, let’s get to know Woodz while listening to his great song cover !!

Woodz Song cover

WOODZ Song Cover. Seungyoun release a new song cover on his Youtube channel, the song include from Taeyeon, Stevie Wonder & Michael Buble. He’s also known as LUIZY/ Seungyoun of UNIQ before he known as WOODZ the R&B Singer today. Yup, it’s the same person !

Woodz Song Cover 11:11 (original Taeyeon)

Original song by Taeyeon of SNSD. Woodz singing voice really suit 11:11 acoustic accompaniment. i don’t think words gonna describe it, so just close your eyes and listen~


Woodz song Cover ‘Isn’t She Lovely’ (Original Stevie Wonder)

Another acoustic accompaniment for Woodz. Now we need him to cover every song in acoustic please ??? He’s english pronunciation is also exquisite, no surprised though consider he often use it  as the main language especially when interacting with fellow M.O.L.A members.

Cover ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town‘ (original Michael Buble)

WOODZ singing Christmas song ?? Yes please !! This track actually already release on 24th of December 2018. If you haven’t listen to it, might as well put your Christmas decoration up once more because it brings WOODZ voice can bring Christmas back.

If you not into song Covers, check out Woodz in his own track ‘Pool’ which produced by Cha Cha Malone. WOODZ show his sing & rap skills in one track !

WOODZ ‘Pool’ prod by Chacha Malone MV

If you curious about WOODZ daily activities, you can follow WOODZ activities on Instagram : @woodz_dnwm , his youtube channel HERE

What do you think about WOODZ Song cover ?? Which one is your favorite ?? Let us knows below !!