Cheeze Arirang Im Live Ep 4 | Get to Know Dalchong

Dalchong ran a quick Q&A session with the audience to share the stories of CHEEZE Arirang TV I’m Live.

Cheeze Arirang

Cheeze Arirang 1’m Live (written also as I’m Live) is a program from Arirang TV that allows fans and audience to interact and listen to the artist as close as possible. The guest for this episode is Cheeze from Magic Strawberry sound.

CHEEZE Setlist for Arirang I’m LIVE’ ep 4

  1. What Do You Think?
  2. Mood Indigo
  3. Love You (bye)
  4. Madeleine Love
  5. After Work

Vocal                                    : Dalchong
Bass Guitar                           : Lee Hangyul
Drums                                   : Kim Da-bin
Guitar                                   : Heo Sega
Keyboard                             : Kim Dongmin
Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute : Park Kihun


Cheeze Arirang I’m Live Episode 4: Full Episode

On the 4th episode of Arirang I’m Live, Cheeze appeared as the guest. The 8-years-experienced indie singer came to depict various feelings today’s youngsters experience, including their frustration and love, soothing their hearts and souls.

Musician Introduction by Arirang: CHEEZE burst onto the music scene in 2014 as a quartet with the debut album, “Recipe!” Then they released the album, ‘Plain‘ in the following year, while undergoing a few member changes. The band is particularly renowned for its sophisticated pop sounds, which blend beautifully with Dalchong crystal clear vocals.



Cheeze arirang I’m Live, perform ‘Mood Indigo’

After Dalchong had performed Mood Indigo, she interacted with her audience. When being asked about the story behind her band name CHEEZE, she explained that it was actually a study group before it came as a band, she further said, “Honestly speaking, we named it quite carelessly.

Dalchong further said that, “none of us were good at English. We thought it was “cheese”. We were ignorant and then we later realized that it was actually “cheese”. She also asked about her favorite cheese by the same audience. “My favorite cheese is cheddar.”



Why She use the stage name Dalchong

Cheeze Arirang

An audience thought her stage name was Dalpaengi which means snail, so she questioned about the reason she came up with her stage name. “I created my stage name when I was part of this study group I have just mentioned and each member had to come up with a stage name. I wanted to have an androgynous name and the words “dal” (moon) and “chong” (gun) came to my mind.

Then I asked my friends what they think about it, and they liked that name, too, so I ended up using that name until today. I sometimes wish I came up with a more genuine name because the current one sounds a bit too cute. Nonetheless, I still like my stage name.”



Cheeze is a powerhouse as musician & and always do well in music charts, the latest work as a musician is working on tvN Drama Encounter OST. Also, check out the recent track (besides OST projects) ‘Everything to.’

Cheeze ‘Everything To’


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