Bewhy My land | South korea Ambassador 1st march movement

Bewhy is a national Ambbasador for South Korea 1st March Movement. Bewhy also release a song to mark 100 years of one of the earliest independence movement. Let’s get to know the movement with Bewhy new track !!

Bewhy My Land

Bewhy My Land. A track to mark 100 years of 1 March Movement, the day where Korea now national hero declare independence from Japan Occupation on 1st of March 1919. On November 2018, Bewhy is chosen as one of the ambassador because he represent young generation & one of the musician that really aware & taking interest of national history. It’s nice that South korea goverment start to take a notice of Korea Hip Hop artist.


My Land is a self written and produced track by Bewhy, it’s a track to share the memories of the past to the 21st century. The Music video jump the time scene from the earliest day of South Korea independence movement, Korea Independence day at 1945, April revolution at 1960, Gwangju Uprising at 1980 & Student movement at 1987.


Bewhy My Land MV

‘My Land’ also pay respect to Korea independence heroes Ahn Jung Geun by adding ‘Korea Ura‘ in the hook which is russia language for “Long Live Korea” to Remind Ahn Jung Geun live & Detah in russia controlled Manchuria. In the end also theres a words for everyone “a history kept by the people, so the people lead the prosperous country


This is actually not the first time Bewhy perform a track about independence movement. Few years ago, on MBC ‘Infinity Challenge’ hip-hop Special, Bewhy perform  a track with Yang Sehyung. The track ‘Manse’ is also a track that talk about 1st March Movement.



Bewhy x Yang Sehyung ‘Manse’

Bewhy been really active recently, beside become a contestant on MBC ‘Kill Bill’ that air every Thursday, Bewhy also rumored to release a full album on June. Make sure to follow Bewhy Instagram : @Bewhy.meshasoula & Youtube channel HERE.


Listen & purchase to Bewhy My Land on Apple Music, Spotify, Melon, Genie & Bugs.



What do you think of Bewhy My Land ?? Is really great honor to be chosen as national representative. We proud of you Bewhy !!

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