HiLite Records Break Bread | Unofficial Anthem of Hi-lite

“Uri daesiggu byeonhan geo eobjanha, uri attitude” The lyrics is a must memorize lyrics for any Hi-Lite records fans. Let’s break down break bread and get to know more about Hi-Lite records !!

HiLite Records Break Bread

HiLite Records Break bread. The track that release early on 2018 is unofficially become the anthem of Hi-Lite records. This track also mark 8th year anniversary of Hi-Lite records which (finally) began to stabilize after the 1st generation (EVO, Soul one, GLV) & 2nd generation (Keith Ape, B-Free, Okasian) part ways with the company.


HiLite Records Break bread consist of 7 Hi-Lite records artist :

  • Reddy
  • Sway D
  • Paloalto
  • YunB
  • G2
  • HuckleberryP
  • Camo Starr


HiLite Records Break Bread’


Camo Starr (The hook) : Camo Starr is the forgotten member of Hi-Lite records. He’s a talented producer-songwriter and even movie editor who shoot many MV.

Reddy (0:14 – 0:59 ) : “Is It my fault that i look good in every clothes??” It’s honestly flabbergasting that Reddy is still known more by people for  his looks instead of his music on 2018. Reddy ready to prove them wrong by being so active making music on 2018.

Sway D ( 1:00 – 1:43) : The Super Great Hurricane join Hi-Lite records on late 2015. He was on a track to a rising career because of his unique style of rap & singing.

Paloalto (1:56 – 2:40 ) :The founder and surviving member from the 1st generation. Paloalto still keep going despite going through lots of hardship. “We are Living great, whats the problem ? Money isnt the problem, it’s just unfair, Things supposed to be way better”

YunB (2:41 – 3:23 ) : YunB the newest player on the black is outshine by his own member like G2 & Reddy. “Wait, Hold up i can still grow bigger it’s still early to say bruh, i can put on my skills, so it’s matter of time, it’s my time ahead”. True enough, YunB show his skills on SMTM 777 and become the last surviving member of Hi-Lite records in the show.

G2 (3:38 – 4:21) : The Super rookie from SMTM 5, G2 career is going up, on the way to become one of the top rapper in the industry. He also just release a succesful album ‘G2’s life’ prior the release of this track.

HuckleberryP (4:22 – 5:05) : At This point of his career, we really take HuckleberryP for granted. Freestyle skills, sick flow, witty lyrics, great punchline. Everything you need & want from a rapper.

Recenlty Hi-Lite records also release new series to introduce their label in Youtube

This is THE anthem whenever Hi-Lite records member performs. Make sure to follow the members on Instagram : @Camostarr , @Keemhongwu , @Supergreathurricane , @YunBnotlilB , @Palolatongue , @g2slife @Huckleberryp84 . Also their official Instagram ; @Hiliterecords

Who do you think have the best part in Hilite records Break Bread’ ??  Whoever it is they all were really good in this track. Let’s support Hi-Lite records and their artist activities on 2019 !!