CIFIKA Soundcloud | New tracks to start 2019

CIFIKA is back on Soundcloud !! Cifika is one of the most unique musician in the industry. Let’s get to know Cifika through her music, especially her latest Soundcloud tracks

Cifika Soundcloud

Cifika Soundcloud, 2 new tracks to start 2019. CIFIKA been gathering lots of attention on 2018 after become one of the guest for SXSW 2018. Cho Yoosun (CIFIKA real name) have been active as a musician in both in South Korea & overseas, where she established herself as one of a kind : Beatmaker, Singer-Songwriter that completely different than anyone we ever known. TMI, Cifika stage name come from a place called Pacifica, near San Jose.

She just release 2 new back to back Soundcloud tracks in January, 2019. I wonder if this the result of the song camp that she did with KHYO & Woo Wonjae ?? We really look forward to see of more what in store on 2019 !!

‘Are You Gonna Leave Her’ audio on Cifika Soundcloud

This is why i said that Cifika is one of a kind. A techno beat yet its easy to listen because it’s not your usual ‘EDM’ track that everyone seems to release recently. Her voice is also something else, people tends to ignore her voice because of the unique beats & music style.

CIfika ‘Mach’ audio

CIFIKA the beatmaker. The track ‘Mach’ is CIFIKA first single of 2019, it’s actually a self produce track !! The track is a techno genre track which really addictive. The beats slowly add up more instrument over the time, you just can’t seems to get enough of it even though ‘Mach’ is a long 6 minute tracks.


If you not into Techno/electronic genre. Check out Cifika perform on Acoustic concert with O3ohn.

We often go through soundcloud to found a new gem. Because most of the times, Soundcloud tracks tell us more about the artist personality compared to official track. If you know a great South korea Soundcloud artist (or if you one !!), please contact us at [email protected] & DM on Twitter !!

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What do you think of CIFIKA new track ?? Are you a fan of her now ?? Leave your comments below !!