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Donutman is back !! No need to say sorry to Donutman anymore because it’s time to start anew with ‘Change Clothes’ EP . Let’s get to know more about the EP & Donutman himself ~

Donutman Change Clothes

Donutman Change Clothes. Song Yangwon (Donutman real name) debut more than 10 years ago in 2008. He’s a part of Clarity crew with Kidd King. TMI, Donutman stage name came as an accident, he went to a Rap competition before and he didn’t have a stage name, the stage MC call him donutman because he was carrying donut backstage.

Donutman Change Clothes EP track list

  • I’m Just Started
  • Casa feat Ja Mezz
  • Poison feat Leellamarz & The Quiett
  • LV feat Myundo
  • Die Alone

Change Clothes EP have 5 tracks inside, 3 of it with featuring artist (including title track with Leellamarz & The Quiett).. Each track is produced by different producer so let’s listen to the track inside the EP.

Donutman Change Clothes album preview

‘Poison’ is the title track of Donutman ‘Change Clothes’ EP. Many said his music style change but it’s not true, it’s long gone the old school style of Donutman which we witness on SMTM 5 (it’s more than 2 years ago anyway). Leellamarz & The Quiett add more trendy vibe to this slow yet catchy track of ‘Poison’.

Donutman also featured on the remix version of Mommy Son hit track ‘Boy Jump’. Donutman Mianhae !!

Mommy Son ‘Boy Jump‘ feat Donutman

Donutman have been really active last year with release of single, soundcloud tracks & Numerous amount of featuring. If you want to know him more you can follow Donutman on Instagram @namtunod . We look forward to more stuff from Donutman on 2019 !!


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