Loco MNET ‘Not The Same Person You Used to Know’

MNET ‘Not The Same Person You used to Know’ air the last episode. They also invite Loco as a guest, let’s take a look at Loco daily life and get to know him more !!


Loco MNET ‘Not The Same Person You Used to Know’. After GRAY & Swings become the guest, our favorite rapper from AOMG become a guest on the show !! On the 6th episode (which also the last episode) of the show. Loco unveil his daily life which really unexpected, he try to show the other side of Loco

The Guest for Loco on this Episode :

  • Loco Mom
  • GRAY
  • Satgot member Yeesang & Daehyunie
  • Dindin
  • Famous burger (Loco business) co-worker


Loco mom is a fan of Jay Park

Loco mom is actually a fan of her son sajangnim Park Jaebum.



Old Man Loco

One of the nickname that Loco have is Old Man kwon (Loco real name is Kwon Hyuk woo). Why ?? Because Loco is not that healthy, Loco need to take 6 health supplements a day and easiliy getting tired.


Loco the Jay park Wannabe

Loco already said this multiple times in other TV Show just like on ‘Hyena of the Keyboard’. Once again Loco show the world how he want to have a healthy & Sexy body like Jay Park by working out endlessly.



Loco promote his own burgers

Loco didn’t let the chance of appear on TV slips by, Loco have an eating scene where he order his own Burgers (loco own a Burger store). The Smart businessman.


Loco working out result

Loco been working out in the past several years. He want to have a healthy body like Jay park. Look what have he achieve now ~



Sexy Loco

Loco show other side of him in this show. We all know that Loco have a image of Cute & Shy, he want to break that image by being Sexy & Rough. He still ended up being cute though.



Loco & Dindin

Dindin didnt become the show host/panelist today, instead he become the guest for Loco. Loco & Dindin is actually a neighbor, Dindin often play to Loco place & vice versa. Dindin seems to be friend with everyone.


Loco & Satgot crew

Did you know why Loco Instagram username is @Satgotloco ??? It’s because he’s a part of Satgot Crew !! Satgot is a crew that Loco & Friends form in High school for music event, they got their name from a sauna place in front of their school. They still working together and helping each other when the other working on tracks/EP/Album !!



Drunk Loco

Loco also reveal that he’s weak against Alcohol, loco can’t even drink that much he got drunk just by a smallest amount. He’s really cute when he’s drunk though so its not really an embarassing stories ~


Loco gonna serve in the army soon on 7th of february 2018. We glad we get to know him better through this show, if you want to watch the full episode of Loco MNET ‘Not The Same Person You Used to Know’ with english Subs you can watch it HERE

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