Crush Fact | Get to know More about Shin Hyoseob

Crush, the owner of Sweet voice that melts everyone. Crush is always sweet & Charismatic on stage, yet he have totally fun personalities !! Check out some of Crush fact that you probably didn’t know yet.

Crush fun facts

Crush fact !! Shin Hyoseob (Crush Real Name) is a fun person with an interesting personalities. Crush already debut more than 5 years ago, from no one into become a digital monster who always top the charts. Lets check out some interesting facts about Crush below (It’s gonna be A LOT!!)


Why his stage name Crush ??

Crush fun facts

Shin Hyoseob stage name is C-sub. but he have band handwriting so his friend keep mispronounce it as Crush. That’s why his stage name is Crush



Crush dog Shin Doyou

Crush fun fact

Crush have a dog name Shin Doyou !!! Doyou been appearing on several Advertising, star on Crush ‘Outside’ Music Video & Have more than 100k Followers on his Instagram : @Shindoyou


A trainee of multiple entertainment Agency

Crush is actually audition for a big music company! On a trailer of YG Treasure Box. Yang Hyunsuk reveal that Crush was auditioning for YG Entertainment. Crush actually been a trainee on several entertainment industry (even debut in one!) before become a singer that we all know today.



Debut as duo with Cheetah

Can you imagine Crush dancing while rap on Music shows ?? Crush actually did !! He debut in a duo called ‘Masterpiece’ with Cheetah. It’s a flop though, both of them already become one of the top solo musician in t he industry. Failure not always a bad thing.


Legendary performance

Crush Fun Facts

Back in 2016, Crush steal the nation attention by singing in a bad weather. No one can stop Crush from giving his best for the fans, not even a blizzard.



His Nickname is Crong

Crush fun fact

Crong is a character from Pororo animation. This nickname begin where Gaeko Son taewoo said that Crush look like Crong. The fans agree so Crush have a nickname Crong from then.

So which fact that you didn’t know yet ??? There’s still more Crush fact in the NEXT PAGE