OLNL Jet Lag Lyric Video | From Staff Only EP

Stoneship decide to release a lyric video for OLNL Jet Lag. This is not actually a new song because OLNL already release this track as part of his ‘Staff Only’ EP back on 2018.

OLNL Jet Lag

OLNL Jet Lag lyric video. I was curious when Stoneship gave a teaser of OLNL new project, is it a photo shoot ?? or New track ?? It’s actually for a lyric video of ‘Jet Lag’, one of the track from OLNL ‘Staff Only‘ EP. Staff Only EP is already release on 12th of November 2019, which was OLNL first track after SMTM 777 ended.

Staff Only EP Tracklist

  • Street Mirror feat Kim Seungmin (prod Niko Blank)
  • Fake Emotion feat Giriboy (prod Charming Lips)
  • 5871 (prod Giriboy)
  • Small Letter feat Lym en (prod Charming Lips)
  • Jet Lag (prod Charming Lips)

Stoneship decide to promote Jet lag instead of Title track’ 5871′, which not actually a bad thing because each track on the EP have its own charm. Jet Lag was produced by Charming Lips, who also produce most of OLNL track in this EP. Just like the title said ‘Staff Only’ is an EP that have OLNL thoughts without outside interference, he make music that he want to make compared to music that sells/people want to hear.


OLNL Jet Lag lyric video

The song is an easy going song which suit the Concept of ‘Staff Only’ EP where OLNL just made track he want to made in no regards towards public opinion.

Rough translation of OLNL ‘Jet Lag’ lyrics

“What time is it now??”
Nowadays i just 
I just making songs that i want to listen
 Album will be made after i made songs
uh uh uh uh uh
i dont care if people listen to this song or not”

My personal favorite track from this EP is actually fake Emotion feat Giriboy . Why ?? Just give it a listen ~

OLNL ‘Fake emotion’ feat Giriboy audio

OLNL been having a blast on 2018. Release his album ‘All Available’ early on 2018, feature in other artist track & also one of the most popular rapper that comes out from SMTM 777. OLNL also receantly participating on ‘KGVOVC from wybh vol.1′ EP.

If you still curious about OLNL, you can follow him on Instagram : @Hiolnl , his crew WYBH & Juiceoveralcohol Instagram : @WYBH_Korea & @Juiceoveralcohol also his agency @Stoneship_


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What do you think of OLNL Jet lag ?? Is it your favorite track from his ‘Staff Only‘ EP ?? Leave your comments below !!