Cokebath Dally | Last performance on SBS ‘The Fan’

Cokebath, he was once unknown singer-rapper-songwriter-producer. All of his listener know how much talent he have, which still not enough to survive in the Music Industry. We glad he joined SBS ‘The Fan’ so everyone can recognize his talent.

Cokebath Dally

Cokebath Dally’ on the SBS the Fan 9th Episode. Cokebath decide to perform the hit track from Hyolyn & GRAY ‘Dally’. This is not easy song  to cover because Hyolyn voice is so iconic, whenever we heard the music drops we know it’s gonna be Hyolyn voice “Oh you’d better stop~”

Cokebath Dally (Original Hyolyn feat GRAY)

Cokebath decide to cover Hyolyn track ‘Dally’ on the Top 8. He even gonna make his own rap (instead of only cover GRAY Part!). The only bad things is he was nervous and he stumble it’s time to rap. This is too bad because everything else (his singing, stage presence, & performance) is perfect. We really curious about Cokebath rap part, maybe release a full cover of ‘Dally’ later  ??

The announcement is today. Start from 10th Episode, SBS will have a LIVE stage for the Top 5, 3 will be eliminated from the Top 8. We kinda expected Cokebath didnt go to the Top 5 (after he made mistake on the ‘Dally Stage). He’s eliminated because not enough point (Online & offline fans). But this is just a start of his new career. Now more people knows who Cokebath Is,

This is a reminder of Cokebath performance on SBS ‘The Fan’ . He really steal the show with his voice & music.


Cokebath cover ‘Holding on To the End of Tonight’ (Original Solid)

Cokebath sing Primary ‘Lukewarm’ (where he featured)



Cokebath cover ‘Darling’ (original Taeyang)


If you still curious about him you can check my first article to get to know Cokebath (like where his stage name come from??). You can also follow Cokebath Daily Activities on his Instagram : @Cokebath_ You can also check the 9th episode of SBS the Fan with English subs HERE

Do you become a fan of Cokebath after watching Cokebath Dally on SBS ‘The Fan’ ??? Make sure to keep supporting him even though he’s eliminated from the show !!