Superbee Heu !| “I’m On the Legend Level”

The CEO of Yng & Rich Records is here !!! Not with exactly a new track but with a full track from his SMTM 777 journey. Which track is it ?? Check below ~

Superbee Heu

Superbee Heu ! . “I’m On the Legend Level , I’m a living legend at age of 24” This verse start Superbee SMTM 777 Journey. Do you know that this verse is actually from the track called Heu?? Superbee finally release the full version of his SMTM 777 2nd round track ‘Heu!’

Heu! also the first track by Yng & Rich Records. A records which Superbee just establish early 2019 (Superbee is not a part of Ghoodlife Crew anymore). Superbee also said in the single description that Yng & Rich records gonna go to highest place !!  We look forward of what Superbee have in store with his new agency.

Superbee heu!’ Audio

Too bad Superbee only got 1 minute time for his verse on SMTM 777 fire round, he could’ve get much more Fight money if he perform the whole verse !! Superbee ‘Heu!’ full version is on another level than what he perform on SMTM. Superbee use one of his best technique on 1:13 where the music stop for a bit (he also did this on Mic Swagger 3 track 5 Gawd‘ )

A reminder of Superbee perform his track ‘Heu!’ on SMTM 777

Superbee is not only on The Legend Level. He also become a CEO of YNG & Rich Records now !! Follow for more Superbee updates on his Instagram : @originalgimchi & New agency Instagram : @yngandrichrecords

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