Punchnello AOMG | Full member of AOMG

Punchnello AOMG !! This news maybe not a surprise for some because AOMG been promoting him in recent weeks. But now its confirmed !!

Punchnello AOMG

Punchnello AOMG. Do anyone expect this ??? We know Yongshin is close with the member/producer from the label but we never expect AOMG to sign Punchnello especially after they just sign new Producer/DJ Junior Chef few weeks ago. The Social media explode when AOMG promote his new track ‘Absinthe’


Punchnello ‘Absinthe’ prod by 0channel & 2xxx!

Beside become the 2nd artist to be signed by AOMG on 2019, Punchnello also the 2nd artist from HIGHGRND to be signed by AOMG after Code Kunst. We doesnt have lot of information (Or even any) about HIGHGRND situation right now but the label seems ceased to function since Tablo decide to step down from CEO.



Full member after 6 months

Punchnello AOMG

After 6 months as unofficial member of AOMG (Exclusive contract). Punchnello was reveal to be the new member of AOMG in November 2019 through Jay park radio ‘Broken GPS’. Punchnello the SMTM 8 winner now is also a part of AOMG family, welcome!


We really look forward (we doesn’t  even need to wait that long!) for Punchnello activities with his new family. For now you can follow Punchnello activities by following his Instagram : @fkuropinion & @AOMGofficial


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