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Lym En is back with a new EP !! The talented Singer-producer from Juiceoveralcohol release new EP ‘Lost PIece Vol 2′ that continue his debut EP Lym En Lost Piece Vol.1’

Lym En Lost Piece

Lym en Lost Piece Vol.2 EP. The new EP Consist of 4 tracks inside which feature his Juiceoveralcohol friend & other talented artist such as OLNL, Khundi Panda & Jeebanoff. Lym en believe that ‘you can fly away between  the missing piece’ on this EP , continue the concept of first EP which is ‘Though we’re a puzzle with missing pieces, we should be alright!’


Lym En Lost Piece vol.2 Track list

  • Plane
  • Rush feat OLNL & Khundi Panda
  • Yes I Need feat Jeebanoff
  • Dance on the Moon

There’s 4 track inside with the title track being ‘Yes I need’ feat R&B Singer Jeebanoff. The track is light track with simple repetition of different piano chords which produced by producer Cosmic Boy (You can heard Cosmic Boy Signature voice “Can I Cosmic” before the track ends). The first 2 minutes part is by Lym en while there’s 40 second verse by Jeebanoff which make the track sounds really colorful.


Yes I need feat Jeebanoff Lyrics VIdeo

Here’s the intro of Lym En ‘Yes I need’ feat Jeebanoff that i really like

Yes I need your love
Yes I need 
Guess I need your love 
Yes I need 
Any People Say 
They all need love.
But don’t over push it man 
it ain’t your fault no”

There’s one more track from Lym En which is my personal favorite ‘Rush’ feat OLNL & Khundi Panda. The track is a fun upbeat track which really fun to listen to. The 3 of them (Lym En, OLNL & Khundi Panda) is a close friend in real life which probably why the chemistry between 3 of them in the song sounds perfect.

Rush feat OLNL & Khundi panda audio

If you curious about Lym En you can follow him on Instagram : @lym.en  his soundcloud :@lym_en , Juiceoveralcohol Instagram : @juiceoveralcohol & his agency Stoneship : @Stoneship_ . We can’t wait for more activities from Lym en on 2019 !!

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What do you think of Lym En new EP ?? Which track is your favorite ?? Leave your comments below !!