Hangzoo Boi B School Rapper 3 Mentor | RHYTHM POWER !!

The Radioactive gang is here !! Hangzoo & Boi B confirmed as School Rapper 3 mentor !! Beside on HSR 3. Boi B & Hangzoo still gonna compete on MBC ‘Kill Bill’ which air on the same months, how they manage their time ??

Hangzoo Boi B

Hangzoo Boi B gonna become the School Rapper mentor for 2nd time around !! Boi B & Hangzoo maybe didn’t have the star power that other producer have, but they already proven as a legit School Rapper mentor by bringing Yoon Jinyoung (Was known as Clloud back then) & Bae Yeonseo (Now change his name into lee rohan) to HSR 2 Finals.

Hangzoo Boi B as a mentor Teaser

Hangzoo Boi B

When the teaser drops, it’s kinda obvious that Hangzoo Boi B gonna return again as a mentor. They were plan to win this Season of School rapper after only taking the runner up last season (Webster B lost to Haon on HSR 2). They already experience what School rapper is all about and ready to bring the best out of the kids that join their team.


Hangzoo Boi B sing Ballad song on ‘Weekly Idol’


Hangzoo is the SMTM 6 Winner. Since then Hangzoo been really active appear on TV while keep making music with Rhythm Power bros. Boi B is really active also on 2018 even though he didn’t make a lot of noise, he make track ‘Neymar‘ which gain some popularity in Neymar Jr. Home country.

Rhythm Power on ‘MBC Kill BIll’

MBC Kill BIll Air Date

Hangzoo & Boi B is not as popular as other producers, but they gonna appear on 2 different shows This February. Rhythm Power gonna compete on MBC new Survival Show ‘Kill Bill‘ that target Billboard Chart in the U.S. How they gonna manage their times though ?? Actually MBC ‘Kill Bill’ early stage already pre-recorded before School Rapper 3 air, so there’s no concern about their focus as School Rapper 3 mentor later

School Rapper 3 already finish their online audition, Announce the MC Nucksal, & already announce their Mentors : Groovyroom, Hangzoo x Boi B, Code Kunst x The Quiett & Giriboy x Kid Milli. ‘Kill Bill’ air on Thursday while ‘School Rapper 3’ air on Friday, it means there’s double the Rhythm Power !!


What do you think of Rhythm Power As School Rapper 3 Mentor ?? Can they pull an upset against all odds ??? Leave your comments below !!