Mad Clown Stella Jang ‘No Question’ | Great collaboration

Mad Clown is back !!! Now with talented Stella Jang. Let’s check their newest track ‘No Question’. The two of them really have a great chemistry !

Mad Clown Stella Jang

Mad Clown Stella Jang collaboration. When the news of this collaboration broke out we really excited because it’s been quite a while since Mad Clown release any music (Since he’s not in Starship anymore). We eager to see more music from Mad Clown on 2019 !! (no Mommy Son you doesn’t count) .

Stella Jang Sweet Voice & Mad Clown sweet rap, a great collaboration. Mad Clown keep proving that his style of calm steady rap still have a place in the industry. They also have a great harmonization even though Stella Jang singing & Mad Clown rapping.

Mad Clown x Stella Jang ‘No Question’ Audio

Mad Clown also perform ‘No Question’ LIVE on Yoo Heeyeol Sketchbook ep 427. Beside Mad Clown & Stella Jang, there’s also Mommy Son who everyone suspect is Mad Clown in the show !! You can check out the latest episode of Yoo Heeyeol Sketchbook Here.

Beside releasing this track. The two of them also did a cover of Mad Clown track with Soyou ‘Stupid in Love’

Mad  Clown x Stella Jang ‘Stupid In Love’

If you still curious about them, you can follow Mad Clown Stella Jang on Instagram :  @Anythinggoes85 : @Interstellajang.

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What do you think of Mad CLown Stella Jang collaboration ?? Do you love them ?? Leave your comments below !!