Haon Flower | Song That Resonates With People in Their 20s

The 20s can be one of the most confusing periods in someone’s life, and Haon is out there to express what lots of people in early adulthood may have been struggling through his new track, ‘Flower’

Haon FLower


Haon Flower. This track was produced and arranged by Avin, who co-composed one of Younha’s tracks, ‘Airplane Mode’, from her 2017 album, ‘RescuE’. Mixed by Stay Tuned of Fanxychild, and the lyrics were written by Haon. It’s not a secret that Haon is wise beyond his years, and it shows through his lyrics.

Haon Flower MV

The MV serves as the visual narration to what Haon tries to say to us who feel like going through the same thing as him: don’t worry, you will be just fine. It has several footage’s that are apparently from Haon own video archives where he were living the best time of his life. There also other youngsters that join in the MV. Who are they?

Haon asked everyone to send their clips!



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A couple of months ago, Haon asked his fans through Instagram to share their best moments of their time. Several lucky fans made it through the cut and had their own videos appeared in the MV. Are you one of them?

Haon FLower Screenshot

Haon Flower

Just turning 20 in Korean age himself. Haon expresses his excitement as well his worries over officially graduating from his teenage years. He knows he had to study a lot of subjects in school, to prepare for life that waiting beyond school. When it comes to real life, he’s actually clueless. Haon is aware that people around his age are also feeling the same way he does, but nobody is really talking about it.

Haon also feels the uncertainty of his future, and the fact that his friends are going their separate ways to live their own lives. Despite all of that he still tries to enjoy life and what the future holds for him. Even convincing his mom and dad that he will be just fine.



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