Vincent Blue Cover Solo | Original by Jennie of Blackpink

Vincent blue song Cover !! Once again, Vincent blue show he can make any songs become his own by covering ‘Solo’ by Jennie of Blackpink !! Curious ??

Vincent Blue cover Solo

Vincent Blue cover Solo (Original Jennie of Blackpink). One of the rising R&B singer that recently sing with Brand New Music. He gather lots of attention when he did a cover medley alongside Park Jimin . Now, Vincent Blue is back with a new cover, it’s not an easy song also because it’s the top charting track ‘Solo’ by Jennie of Blackpink !!

Vincent Blue Cover Solo by Jennie of Blackpink

So what do you think ?? Vincent Blue soft voice with Piano accompaniment, he’s hitting the low & high notes at will. Everything about this cover is just perfect ~

If you curious about Vincent Blue & want to hear he singing in his original song. Check out Vincent Blue perform ‘I Will Slowly’ for MBC Drama ‘I’m not a robot’ OST. He actually did a lot of Drama OST last year on 2018.



Vincent Blue ‘I Will Slowly for I’m Not A  Robot OST

Kim Minseung (Vincent BLue real name) still not yet active in terms of single. But he often do cover of other artist and also known for his featuring in Drama OST. We hope we can see more of his music on 2019 !!


For now you can follow Vincent Blue Instagram :@blue_bugg . Also his youtube channel : Vincent_blue where you can find more of Vincent Blue Songs & Songs cover.



So What do you think of Vincent Blue cover Solo’ by Jennie of Blackpink ?? Leave your comments below !!