Swings Im Bora | Favorite Couple on MNET ‘Guess My Next Move’

The Monster Rapper Swings !! Or so we though, On the 4th episode of MNET ‘Guess My Next Move’ / ‘Not The Same person you Used to know’ Swings show another side of him, especially in front of Im Bora.

Swings and Im Bora

Swings Im Bora relationship isn’t a secret . Their relationship is so sweet & Cute, whether it’s on SNS & especially on the 4th episode of MNET ‘Not THe Same person you used to know’. We also learn more about two of them in this episode.

Im Bora & Swings Mom as Swings guest

After become a panel on GRAY Episode last week, Swings become the one that guest on the 4th episode. To his surprise, the Guest is none other than Girlfriend Im Bora & Swings own mom Jenny Kim. This gonna be interesting.



The reality

Im Bora think highly of her boyfriend Swings. Sometimes it’s too high… Well Swings is still a human & sometimes can’t meet everyone expectation, just like swings said in his book “Human Are Like Dice, in that we all have different sides”



Lovey Dovey couple

Aren’t they the cutest ??



Swings the sweet boyfriend

Swings is the sweetest one. He bring Bora favorite salad as a surprise. TMI, in an episode of ‘Video Star’ Swings also share a story that he goes on a diet because of Bora, he want to be a healthy & Dependable boyfriend for Bora.



There’s just two of us in this world

When you have a couple and going on a date, you probably can relate to Swings Im Bora. But if you’re alone with that couple, you probably can relate to Kid Milli. Poor Choi wonjae ssi…

Swings and Im Bora

Source : Dazed Korea


Swings have been busy last year. Release 1 album, 1 EP, Become SMTM 777 Producer, the CEO of Just Music, Indigo Music & WedaPlugg records while also opening his GYM TIPI. If you wan’t to know more about swings you can follow Swings on Instgram : @Itsjustswings¬†.¬†Also don’t forget to follow lIm Bora on Instagram :@


MNET ‘Guess My Next Move’ / ‘Not The Same person you used to know’ is a show about celebrity daily life with close friends & Family try to guess their daily life. You can watch the 4th episode of Swings in this episode with English sub HERE.



What do you think of Swings Im Bora interaction in this episode?? Do you love the couple as much as we do ?? We hope they have a blissful year on 2019 !!