Mithra Jin Radio Star | Activities Post-Parting Ways with YG

Mithra Jin Radio Star. He talked about many interesting things including Epik High activities after not being a part of YG Entertainment

Mithra Jin Radio Star

Mithra Jin Radio Star. On January 9th episode of Radio Star ep 604, Mithra Jin become a guest alongside  Kim In-kwon, Kim Ki-bang, and Gaeko,The theme of the episode was The Discreet Charm of Beasts. In this episode Mithra Jin talk about lot of stuff: Epik High Activities, his family, and become friends with Lizard !


Epik High Activities after parts way with YG

Mithra Jin Radio Star

After Epik High’s contract with YG Entertainment expired last year,They only have one manager though and most of the time the manager accompany Tablo because Tablo can not drive.  Epik High have begun producing new things at their new recording studio. They also made a youtube channel !! Make sure to check them out because they always post fun content !

There also a joke between Kim Gura & DJ Tukutz from 10 years ago, Kim Gura gave a job to Tukutz. “To Tukutz who have a smaller role, you should clean the car instead” It made Tukutz mother hated Gura the most. It’s all in the past and they just laugh about it.


Mithra Jin is cute according to Wife Kwon Dahyun

The panel were asking how come Kwon Da Hyun, Mithra’s wife fell for Mithra and what was his charm. Kwon Dahyun said that Mithra is cute . Mithra jin answer that “I always call her in a sweet voice. I do not act cute or anything,” answered Mithra while made a cat pose. Yoon Jongshin seems to be pleased with Mithra Aegyo. Mithra jin further said that “Sometimes, I do these acts. I dance for her.”



Mithra Jin Radio Star segment : have a lizard

Mithra grow many reptiles!!!! What ?? Yes, He grows four lizards and four turtle, isnt it’s scary ??? No Because Mithra said that “One of the lizards I am living with can dance. Mithra even show the video where his Lizard Dance.

“Whenever I touch it, it moves its body like belly dancers.” Mithra showed the where his lizard danced. “You will see it is wiggling.”

Mithra jin always have a fun stories whenever he appear on Variety show. He also become a cast of MBC “Hungers’ a fasting show with his wife Kwon Dahyun. Make sure to check that show aswell !!



If you curious about Mithra Jin Daily activities you can follow him on Instagram : @realMithrajin . You can also watch Radio Star ep 604 english subs Here


What do you think of Mithra Jin Radio Star ?? We sure learn a lot about his life & Activities since he part ways with YG Entertainment