Loopy Tablo | Yoo Heeyeol Sketchbook ep 426

Loopy is a fan of Tablo from Epik High !!! ReallY ?? On the 426th Episode of Yoo Heeyeol Sketchbook, the runner up of SMTM 777 tell a story about how Tablo inspire him.

Loopy Tablo

Loopy Tablo. As a guest of Yoo Heeyeol Sketchbook ep 426, Loopy with Nafla. Beside performing their latest track, Loopy also tell a story about how Tablo hyung inspire him to be a musician !! This the cutest interaction between KHH musician in 2019 so far


Tablo is Loopy favorite Musician

Do you expect that ?? Loopy actualy alreaddy tell this few times when he’s on radio shows. But this is national television, everyone watching from home ~


Look who’s surprised ~

Yoo Heeyeol prepare a surprise for Loopy !!! Tablo hyung is actually on the phone listening to Loopy the whole time. Loopy reaction is priceless




The conversation between Tablo & Loopy



Here’s the translation of their conversation

Yoo Heeyeol : Did you hear what we just talk ???
Tablo :
I’m incredibly grateful, i don’t think i deserve this

Yoo Heeyeol : We heard from the writer that the younger artist is really look up to Tablo, so we call you when the topics brought up to surprise Loopy
Tablo ssi, Do you want to say hi To Loopy ??

Tablo ;Hello
Loopy : Hello hyung, i’m loopy, i’m really happy i can talk to you
Tablo : Hello i’m Tablo
I’m So grateful for everything i don’t even know what to say right now…
hearing what Loopy said, brings me a lot of memories when i work over the years as a musician
I really really thankful

Yoo Heeyeol : Loopy Just said that he love to work with you, or featuring in your song. he even said it to the camera.
Tablo : I actually really love one of Loopy song..
It’s called ‘Friday’ .. I really love that song

If we got the opportunity i would love to work with him
Loopy :
Thankyou hyung, it’s my pleasure
Yoo Heeyeol : While Tablo on the phone, To talk to him about anything
Loopy : To be honest, i went to tablo hyung concert, even his solo concert
I had to hear Epik High Music whenever i do anything, no matter what
I really love Epik High So much
Please continue to inspire me
Tablo :  Yes I’ll continue to do my best
Loopy ssi i think many people were thinking about the same thing as you said when they listen to your music
Like what you just told me please continue to inspire lot of people with Loopy Music
Loopy : I gonna remember that hyung

Bonus : Loopy Singing Hyukoh ‘Tomboy’ on Yoo Heeyeol Sketchbook

They also said they gonna work together when they have a chance..We can’t wait for Loopy Tablo or Epik High x Loopy  !!! If you curious about the episode, you can watch it with English Sub Here.

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