Groovyroom HSR 3 Mentor | GROOVY EVERYWHERE !!

Hwimin & Gyujeong confirmed as the Mentor of the new Season of School Rapper !! After Joining the 2nd Season and become the winner mentor (with Haon), the producer Duo gonna find new talented Young rapper for this new season !!

Groovyroom School Rapper 3 Mentor

Groovyroom HSR 3 Mentor !! Hwimin & Gyujeong is gonna be back for the 3rd season of School Rapper after become the mentor of School Rapper 3 winner & Third position (Haon & Vinxen). The H1GHRMUSIC DJ/Producer duo is one of the most popular producer, i can already hear GROOVY EVERYWHERE !!!

School rapper 3 was scheduled to air on first half of 2018. MNET already confirm Nucksal is another returnee for the program as the MC.. HSR 3 audition already ended & there’s been lots of on great online audition from Talented young Rapper. We Can’t wait to see which talented rapper gonna shock us with their skills on the broadcast later !!



Team Groovyroom on School Rapper 2

Groovyroom School Rapper 3 Mentor

Hwimin & Gyujeong choose Haon, Vinxen, Pullik & Sandy as the team member. All of them have a great journey on HSR 3, also still making lots of noise even after the show ended. This is the proof that Groovyroom didn’t just become a solely producer on School Rapper 2 but also a mentor that teach the young ones the ropes of Music industry.

Vinxen & Haon ‘Barcode’ that top the chart.


The H1GHRMUSIC producer duo also responsible for songs that top South Korea music Charts like Pullik & Haon ‘What is Love’ , Vinxen & Haon ‘Barcode’ & Haon ‘Boong boong’ feat Sik-k. Hwimin & Gyujeong really knows how to maximize the young rapper potential. Can’t wait to see which contestant will join team Groovyroom HSR 3 Mentor.

We really curious about the rest of the Mentor for School Rapper 3. It should be release very soon, so let’s wait for a little bit more. We also gonna be Live tweeting on Twitter when the episode AIr later so check them out !!


What do you think of Groovyroom HSR 3 mentor ???  Who do you think gonna join them as mentor ?? Leave your comments below !!


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