JP THE WAVY Just A Lil Bit featuring SIk-k !!

JP THE WAVY & SIk-k Collaboration !! What ?? We also as surprised as you, The teaser only drop a day before and suddenly we got a release that we never expect !!

JP The Wavy A lil Bit

JP The Wavy just A Lil Bit feat Sik-k. This is a collaboration we didn’t expect. I wonder where they meet & shoot the MV ?? Is it when Sik-K & H1GHRMUSIC is going to Japan ?? Anyway we love this collaboration !! Both of them really have a great chemistry, many even thought WAVY is one of the H1GHRMUSIC Member , but no it’s not ~

JP The Wavy Just A Lil Bit feat SIk-k MV

Sik-k start his verse with japan verse !! The language is not my forte but Sik-k sounds really cool when he sing using other language. They were shooting this when Sik-k goes to Japan with Haon, pH-1, DJ SMMT & Woodie Gochild. both of them look really cool in the MV right ??

The Story of JP The Wavy being a H1GHRMUSIC member goes back to 2017. H1GHRMUSIC didn’t just announce Woodie Gochild signing as the new member, there also been news spreading that JP THE WAVY is one of the member of H1GHRMUSIC in several news article. WAVY is actually just close with Sik-k & Jay Park so he often invited a lot to H1GHRMUSIC event in Japan.

JP The Wavy with H1GHRMUSIC in Japan

This is the first collaboration between Japan & Korea musician on 2019. Despite tons of issue regarding politics of the two countries, the KHH Musician seems to have a good relationship. I already cover Utada Hikaru x EK & Reddy X Sky Hidaka on my other articles. Make sure to check it out !!



What do you think of this collaboration between JP The Wavy Sik-k ?? Do You like JP The Wavy just A lil bit ?? Leave your comments below !!