Dding by Jvckiwai Young B Han Yohan & Osshun Gum. Top the charts

Dingo x IMJM Project !!! After the hit song ‘FLEX’ last year Dingo freestyle made another project with Indigo Music & Just Music. This one feature Jvckiwai, Young B, Han Yohan, & Osshun Gum.

Jvcki wai Young B Osshun Gum Han yohan

Dding !! The new song of Jvckiwai, Young B, Han Yohan, & Osshun Gum collaboration !! 4 talented rapper with a track produced by Giriboy. We know how talented they are individually but we really curious if they got the Chemistry to keep up with other IMJM release like Flex & Indigo.

Dding by Jvckiwai x Young B x Han Yohan x Oshun Gum  prod by Giriboy

Before i start about each aritst rap, let’s start with the beat. G R BOY !! Giriboy really knows what kind of beat suit everyone. Dding is another masterpiece after FLEX.

Jvcki wai ( 00:00 – 1:12 + the bridge & the hook ) : Jvcki do the heavy lifting on this track She made the tracks come together by starting this trackm having her own verse on the bridge & Singing on the Hook. It reminds me a bit of ‘Work Out’ but this time Jvcki impact is more powerful.

Young B (1:13 – 1:52 ) :Young B Lyrics is so witty. There’s a hook that talks about when he become a news article in South Korea because of ‘Incident’. He also track how this track gonna be on the chart which is quite true (It Start on the top 10 on several Korea music charts!)

Osshun Gum ( 2.16  – 2:53  ) : Choi Hamin have a forgettable SMTM 777 where he eliminated too early. But he have an unforgettable verse on this track. He start with normal pace, autotune, then start again with a sick flow.

Han Yohan ( 2:53 – 3:20  ) : Just Music resident Rock Star !! Han Yohan hyung give a fierce rap to finish this track. He always have that extra energy when he perform. Can’t wait to watch him perform this LIVE, gonna be jumping around with Yohan for sure.

Check out also behind the scene of this MV on Dingo Freestyle. They having so much fun, probably why this song is so fun !

Behind The Scene of #띵

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Listen & Purchase to Dding Jvckiwai x Young B x Osshun Gum x Han Yohan on  Melon, Genie & Bugs.



What do you think of the new IMJM x Dingo Freestyle track Dding ??? Which Verse is your favorite ?? Leave your comments below !!