Black Nine It’s Gonna Be Alright | New single

Black Nine is back !!! Former SMTM 6 & 777 contestant is here with a new track ‘It’s Gonna Be Alright’ feat Who$. This track is different than Black Nine old tracks, check it out ~

BLack Nine Its Gonna Be Alright

Black Nine It’s Gonna Be Alright feat Who$ . What is you first thought when you heard Blacknine ??? Boombap Music ?? Deep voice ?? Old School ?? Let’s forget those things for a while because Blacknine new track is something really new coming from him !

This track by Black Nine is different musically. It’s been a trend that we expect since he change agency from Feelghood Music to Ghoodlife Crew last year. But¬† no worries, even though his choice of beat & rapstyle is different, he still have the same emotional lyrics like he used to. It also feature WHO$ who recently did really a good featuring on QM album.

Black Nine It’s Gonna Be Alright audio preview

The lyrics of this track is deep, i wonder if Black nine have a bad 2018. This song is a deep song about someone who having a terrible situation but forcing themselves to keep going even though it’s really hard.

Black nine It’s Gonna Be Alright lyrics

” It’s Gonna be alright, Alright, Alright, be alright you know that
Its all true in the end it’s gonna be okay
Its gonna be alright
Even if you can’t breath it’s gonna be okay
It’s gonna be alright
Every day is hard please don’t leave me alone
I used to the loneliness yet i dont want to be forgotten”

Blacknine is known for his deep lyrics. This is a reminder of his performance on SMTM 6 that make the producer in awe

Black Nine on SMTM 6 2nd Round / fire round

I’m not really a big fan of Black Nine change of music style. But considering his lyrics were really deep this time i guess it make sense for the change to convey the lyrics better. Don’t forgett to Give Black Nine a follow on Instagram : @Blacknine.choe

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What do you think of Black Nine new track ?? Are you a fan of his new music style  ?? Leave your comments below !!