Keebomb Relax EP ! Refreshing track inside

Just relax with KeeBomb ~ This EP is a new EP of Keebomb that actually an Abbreviation. Re from Refresh & LAX from Los Angeles International Airport. It sounds interesting Right ?? you bet it is because the track inside is really cool !!

KeeBomb Relax

KeeBomb RELAX EP. He’s already on the Scene for 6 years, starting from his mixtape on 2012 then release his official single ‘Im Ready’ on 2013. If you havent heard him, it means you missing out on a lot of good stuff. This year he release a long awaited EP ‘RELAX’. The EP have 7 tracks inside, each have their own color.

Keebomb RELAX EP Tracklist

  • Fantasy
  • All The Time
  • Today feat Sumin
  • Airplane Mode feat pH-1
  • Problem feat Owen Ovadoz
  • No More feat Penomeco
  • Relax feat Oceanfromtheblue

So which one you looking forward to hear the most  >??

Keebomb actually already pre-release the track ‘Airplane Mode’ feat pH-1 as a single before this EP release. Have you give this track a listen ???

Airplane Mode feat pH-1 Audio

The intro is so catchy right ?? Now i start to get where the LAX word originated from. different from your normal featuring, Keebomb & pH-1 sounds like a duo track because their verse start after one another instead of just a an additional featuring on Hook / later verse.

The title track for this EP is actually the track featuring Penomeco ‘No More’. Here’s a little preview of the track. I hope Keebomb gonna make an MV out of this track because the view in the teaser is so breathtaking.

‘No More’ feat Penomeco Teaser



There also one more track from KeeBomb that i want to suggest. It’s a track from 2017 which also my personal favorite ‘Taxi Driver’

‘Taxi Driver’ MV by KeeBomb

So how is it ?? Are you a fan of KeeBomb now after listening to his tracks ?? ? If you still curious about him  you can follow his Instagram : @Keebomb  , Youtube channel :@ kkbomb1987 & Soundcloud : @keebomb. We can’t wait to get to know KeeBomb more through his Music on 2019 !!

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What do you think of the Keebomb Relax EP?? Which one is your favorite track ?? Leave your comments below !!