Choi Seohyun 2018 | Before the year ends

Choi Seohyun Lets get it !!! Former SMTM 6 & School Rapper 1 contestant Choi Seohyun release new track before the year ends. It’s a track called 2018

Choi Seohyun 2018

Choi Seohyun 2018 !! Do you still remember him ?? He also goes by name of Dooyoung, he’s a SMTM 6 & School Rapper 1 Contestant. Also a part of Ghoodlife Crew alongside Myundo, Los, Superbee & Blacknine.  He actually join SMTM 777 but he didn’t get a lot of air time (beside spotted with Blacknine) & eliminated too early before we even saw his rap.

One thing that i really likes from Choi Seohyun / Dooyoung is how he use autotune like rapper nowadays but still use fast pace flow. He proof that fast pace slow doesnt die yet even though there’s lot of technology/gadget that can alters your vocals.

CHoi Seohyun 2018 audio

Anyway anyone feels like they having a bad 2018 ?? Choi Seohyun ask you to forget everything that happen in 2018 and lets celebrate to start the new year. Here’s the Lyrics of Dooyoung to Welcome 2019 !!

Choi Seohyun 2018 Lyrics

“I need a new Start 
I figure it out now when i move to new house
The View of Han River is no more a big deal (I think his dream is to have a house looking at Han River )
Turn on this song We Gon Celebrate
We Gon Celebrate all day 
We Gon Celebrate all day”

Just a reminder, This is his School Rapper 1 Freestyle battle vs H2adin

2018 is not a really bad year actually for DooYoung. He collaborate For VOICE 2 OST with Myundo which quite popular. But there’s been a stream of new rapper from HSR 2 & SMTM 777 people tends to forget about the old ones (even though he still really young!). If you haven’t know him you can follow him on Instagram : @doo___young Also his Ghoodlife Crew :@ghoodlifecrew

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What do you think of Choi Seohyun single before the year ends ?? Enjoy your 2019 everyone !!