KYLE Playinwitme Remix | Featuring best friend Jay Park !

Didn’t expect this Collaboration.. KYLE & Jay Park !!! KYLE drop this track when he visit South Korea & held a showcase. I know we just got this but We need more of their collaboration !!

KYLE Playinwitme remix

KYLE playinwitme Remix. I don’t think i need to explain anything about KYLE or Jay Park. Both of them is an established artist with their own huge fanbase. KYLE recently visit South Korea, as a present he release a new track with Jay park ‘Playinwithme’

Kyle Playinwitme remix feat Jay park

The track is lit !! As expected from two talented musician that already recognize worldwide.  Jay Park is using both korean and English in his verse, also using his falsetto voice which sounds so ……….. Anyway if you curious about Jay Park lyrics meaning.

Jay Park verse on kyle playinwitme remix

“You Play with My heart (Sometimes)
I’m Sure you also like me for sure (But then)
I Know you are not Playing With Me (Confused)
You are always so ambiguous ”

KYLE also meet other korean artist which also featuring in his showcase event like MOON & OLNL.

There’s one interaction between OLNL & KYLE which i thought were really cute !


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We love this collaboration !! We hope there will be more of the same in the future ~