Byung un of Balming Tiger join Highline Entertainment !!

Byung un of Balming TIger !! Who ?? He’s one of the rising rookie rapper/musician of 2018. You probably knows him from his featuring with Crush, Kid Milli & Woogie. He recently sign to a new agency !!

Byung un of Balming Tiger

Byung un of Balming tiger is not yet a household name which familiar with the public. He’s one of the musician that start from scratch. Byung un was known for his fun cover of other artist music,  until now where being recognized by the artist he once covering.

Byung un in Crush track ‘RYO’

Byung un of Balming Tiger recently sign an exclusive contract with Highline entertainment. Which is the house of DJ soda, Producer Dress & DJ Vanto. Highline entertainment is a subsidiary company of Starship Entertainment.



For future activities, he gonna use his real name Jang Seok hoon (But we love your old name 🙁 ). We really look forward to Jang Seok hoon activities in the future !! He really unique and have his own style of rap & music which no one resembles.

This is how Byung Un of Balming Tiger Start his career

If you curious about him you can Check out his Instagram : @Byungun_wonderful & Highline entertainment : @official_houseofmusic. He already ‘unofficially’ collaborate with producer Dress from his new company.



We look forward to the future activities of Byung Un or Jang Seok hoon now !! Can’t wait for another collaboration with Highline and Starship artist !!

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