Tommy Strate Yung MV | Pull up with the former Cozyboy

Tommy Strate release a new Yung MV !!  It’s been a while since we got anything solo from Tommy. Check out this new single from Tommy Strate
Tommy Strate Yung

Tommy Strate Yung. “I’m ma pull up !” This is a self produce track by him. He produce, write the lyrics, mix & mastered the track on his own !! We haven’t heard a lot from Tommy Strate in the recent months. except the news that he’s not a part of Cozyboys anymore.

Tommy strate Yung MV

The track is so catchy !! This style of music is trendy these days yet Tommy Strate have the zest of something different compare to the rest. Once you hooked into this song it feels like you can’t get it out from your head. My only wish is he didn’t get buried with other autotune sing-rap style that really in trends these days. He really much more talented than your ordinary autotune rapper.



He actually also join SMTM 777 and already make an online audition for it. But i never saw him in the actual broadcast, this is too bad because many people still doesn’t know him. If you curious about him you can follow his IG : @tommystrate_ & Soundcloud : @tommy_strate . TMI (Too Much information) : He also write NCT ‘Regular’ with fellow former ATM Seoul friend Coogie.

Tommy Strate ‘My Type of MV’ 

Listen & Purchase to Tommy Strate Yung on Melon, Genie & Bugs

What do you think of Tommy Strate new single ?? Are you a fan of him now ?? Leave your comments below !!