Sik-k Xibal | Remix version by GXXD (Girl Next Door)

One of the hit track by Sik-k on 2018. Recently SIk-k collaborate with Producer Vangdale & SeYoung for a new version of this track. Sik-k x GXXD lets go !!

Sik-k Xibal

Sik-k Xibal ajik gajima ~. We all know the intro of this track, a really easy to listen & follow track from Sik-k that released last year. Now it have a new remix version by GXXD !! Who ?? Check my article about the new producer duo Vangdale & SeYoung that just release their first single album/

Sik-k Xibal audio remix

Notice the difference ?? The remix version have a lot of instrument inside the track while use overlapping sik-k voice in the chorus that you can hear in the background. This is what GXXD all about, they use lots of different instrumental yet it didn’t feel complex and easy to listen.


Xibal Original version (With Groovyroom & Pink Sklip)

Sik-k been really active on 2018. he have lots of catchy song and one of the most successful rapper on 2018. Few months ago Sik-k also release new version of ‘Fire‘ & Join on GRAY 119 Remix. He have a plan to release his next album soon, supposedly on March 2018.


Make sure to follow SIk-k on Instagram : @Younghotyellow94 . Sik-k gonna have his FL1P world tour soon g!!

What do you think of  Sik-k Xibal Remix version with GXXD ?? Do you prefer this one or the original one ?? Leave your comments below !!