Kim Geunsoo EP | School Rapper contestant first EP !

Kim Geunsoo is back !! Who ??? You probably remember him as one of the ‘School Rapper 2’  contestant. He release a new EP with using his own name ‘Kim Geunsoo’

Kim Geunsoo EP

Kim Geunsoo EP !! He’s one of the underrated School rapper 2 contestant.  He actually go quite far, join team San E & Cheetah before eliminated on the 7th episode. He really have a pure & cute concept back then (also one of the young rapper that already produce his own music & Beats), i really look forward to his improvement with his new EP !!

EP Tracklist :

  • Want
  • Need (prod by Kobee)
  • Home
  • Chameleon (prod by Kobee)
  • Beautiful (prod by Holy M)

There’s 5 track inside the EP, some of them also produced by his Spixy crew member Kobee & Holy M. The title track is ‘Need’ where Geunsoo make an MV also for it. The MV is so cutee !! He star in his own MV and I approve Geunsoo growing up and having a crush.

‘Need’ MV

To Refresh your memory, Here a legendary performance by Kim geun soo ‘On The Tree’ arguably the catchiest hook on the Season 2 of School rapper.

‘On The Tree’ by Kim Geunsoo on School Rapper 2 ep 3

If you curious about the lovable yet talented Geunsoo you can follow him on Instagram : @Spixy_gsgs2000. He also already send his School Rapper 3 audition vids, I hope we can see him again on the next Season of School rapper 3 and show his improvement over the year !



Listen & Purchase to Kim Geunsoo EP on Melon, Genie & Bugs



What do you think of Kim Geunsoo EP ?? are you a fan of him ??? Leave your comments below !!