Choi Eunseo Changes | First Mixtape from the young ones

Choi Eunseo ! Who ?? You probably remember him as the other kid on SMTM 777 beside D.ark. He’s one of the rapper that i think was eliminated too early. Eunseo is back with a new track on his soundcloud !!

Choi Eunseo CHanges

Choi Eunseo Changes. This is a part of Choi Eunseo new mixtape that gonna be release soon. Choi Eunseo iso ne of the most promising young rapper in the industry. He appear first time on SMTM 777, even though he didn’t got as much spotlight as D.ark, he still got some recognition in the show.

Choi Eunseo Changes audio

Choi eunseo strong suit since SMTM 777 is the great lyrics & steady flow. He really show it again in this track, there’s not much young rapper that rely on this type of rap recently, mostly prefer the trendy sing-rap with autotune.

Here’s a snippet of the lyrics of ‘Changes’ by Choi Eunseo

“Is delivery so important ??
Is the lyrics so Important ??
I keep thinking like this recently
Trying to fit with the public
I can’t keep a clear mind while trying to be sunny
It’s okay even if it rainsĀ 
It’s okay even if it rains”

Those lyrics have a hidden meaning when he eliminated on SMTM 777 because his delivery was lacking compared to D.ark. He share his self struggle since then, it’s nice to see how he speak up with his music, that how rapper should be.

Choi Eunseo is only 2004 liner. It’s too bad that he’s too young for School rapper 3 that gonna air soon (You need to be 2000 – 2003 liner to join the show). Here’s a reminder of what Choi Eunseo can do. He’s still so young yet he so taleted !!

SMTM 777 3rd battle vs D.ark & Owen Ovadoz

Do you already become a fan of Choi Eunseo ?? You can follow the 14 years old rapper on Instagram : @Undercloud_eunseo_04 & Soundcloud : @choieunseo . He still gonna make a lot of noise in the future, look forward to it !!

What do you think of Choi Eunseo changes ??? Are you a fan of him now ?? Leave your comments below !!