Rakon Bye 18 | Happy new Year everyone ~

Rakon of YTC (Young Thugs Club) back with a new track on his soundcloud. The track titled ‘Bye ’18’, the perfect track if you start become an adult on 2019 !!

Rakon Bye 18

Rakon Bye 18. If you’re a korean , you now an adult now !! FYI in South korea you become older when the new year comes ~ (1 January 2019). If you born on 2000 it means you are an adult now ~

So, what is the track all about ?? No Rakon is not becoming adult (he already one). New year day just remind him of the day he becomes an adult. TMI , NO:EL & Haon become an adult this year !!!

Rakon Bye 18

This is unique ~ Usually Rakon is rapping to trap beat (just like the rest of YTC member) but now he rap into a jazzy R&B beat produced by Yondo. This beat is something you probably expect to hear from 8balltown instead of Rakon. I really likes it ! Never thought his voice gonna suit the beat & i really glad i found this track.

Rakon have a really active year on 2018. He join SMTM 777 even though he didn’t get a lot of air time (Do you guys spot Rakon in the broadcast ??) If you want to know more about him you can follow @rockonasrakon on Instagram. Also his Soundcloud : @Rockonasrakon


What do you think of Rakon Bye 18 ?? Are you a fan of him now ?? Leave your comments below !!