My Strange Hero OST | Dindin & Soyeon of Laboum

One of the hit drama from SBS ‘My Strange Hero’ latest OST feature DIndin & Soyeon of Laboum. We got another rapper for drama OST !!

My Strange Hero OST

My Strange Hero OST Part 6 with Dindin & Soyeon of Laboum. Recently, rapper have been the choice of Drama production as the featuring artist for OST, Loco have been featuring also on ‘Memories of the Alhambra Drama’ OST. It’s nice to hear rapper being recognized by drama viewers.

The Drama is a monday-tuesday drama on SBS channel. It star Yoo Seungho & Jo Bo ah. The Drama actually have a really good plot and the chemistry by the lead cast have been building so far. You can watch it on Viki / other drama streaming service. There’s 14 episode already so there’s lots to catch up !

‘Love is’ by Soyeon & Dindin

Soyeon & Dindin have a really light vibes. It really suits the drama recent episode where the climax is building up but not in a tense way. The lyrics talk about falling in love & having a crush. Ah. i think i gave too much spoiler, well now you need to watch the drama !

This is not the first time that Dindin have been featured in OST. Last year on 2018, he also been featured in his own show ‘Dunia : Into the New World’ OST.

Shannon Williams ‘Blue’ feat Dindin for Dunia OST

Dindin have been really active musically. He already so busy as entertainer, become the main cast of several TV program every week but he still makes time to create music. Recently he release a single ‘Dindin is Dindin‘. We can’t wait to see both Dindin the Musician & entertainer on 2019 !!

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