Giriboy Thank You EP | Giriboy past and present

Giriboy release a new EP before the year ends. It really show the past & present of Giriboy. The album also have some past song by Giriboy which really bring back good memories.

Giriboy Thank You

Giriboy Thank You EP. This is the last EP from Giriboy in this year. He already make, sing, rap, featured & produce more than 60 songs on 2018 !!  We should be the one who say thank you for everything that Giriboy done on 2018 ~

Giriboy Last EP of 2018 contain 5 tracks. There’s 3 track which is a remake track from Giriboy past songs. I really curious about those 3 remake track. How it gonna sounds like with Band ??

Thank You Tracklist

  • Sorry feat OLNL
  • All Day (remake Band Version)
  • 2000/90 (Remake Band Version)
  • Let’s drink (Jiwoo Cover)
  • vv 2¬†feat Kid Milli , ChoilB, Kim Seungmin & Hayake

Giriboy Thank you EP have 5 tracks, there’s 2 new track inside with ‘Sorry’ & ‘Vv 2’. The title track of this EP is ‘Sorry’ which feature OLNL. Giriboy really gave us something that hit really deeps as the title track. Giriboy convey something about himself that i think everyone can relate, there will be one point in life when we look back at our past and can’t help but say sorry for it.

‘Thank you’ feat OLNL

This is the rough translation of the lyrics of ‘Sorry’ which i can really relate
“I’m Sorry
i have much more to say but this all i can say
‘from Kindergarten, grade school, High School, i already did my best
You (My parents) must have expect more from me, but i can only do this”



Giriboy also release ‘VV 2’ featuring WYBH members Kid Milli, ChoilB, Kim Seungmin & Hayake. The beat really chill & Slow but the WYBH member is spitting fire !! I personally really like Kim Seungmin verse, i hope he join again on SMTM next year because he barely got any airtime on SMTM 777.

‘Vv 2’ Kid Milli, ChoilB, Kim Seungmin & Hayake

Giriboy is really active this year. This month he already release an EP ‘Science Fiction Music End’ . Giriboy is really working hard this year, being active is an understatement because he really comes out on TV Shows, still doing concerts/event as usual while working on more than 60 songs this year.



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What do you think of Giriboy thank you EP ?? What is your favorite tracks ?? Leave your comments below !!