Haon Radio Star Ep 602 | Learn more about Haon

Radio Star ep 602 guest is Kim haon !!! The H1GHRMUSIC maknae is having fun talk with other cast & Radio Star MC. Let’s check out Haon Radio Star~

Haon Radio Star

Haon Radio Star. Haon become a guest on Radio Star, the theme is about the hot young artist in Variety Shows. If you watch TV often this year, Haon is a permanent cast of 2 TV Show (kkondae Live & Kids These Days) while also often become a guest on other Variety/Talk show.

Haon become a guest alongside :

  • Hwang Kwanghee
  • Jung Joonyoung
  • Boo Seungkwan of Seventeen

As you can see all (beside Kwang Hee who just discharged from the army) were the kings of Variety shows. Haon actually gonna steal the episode because he’s as fun as his variety hyung !

Acapella Rap in Radio Star


Haon gonna become an adult soon

One of the funniest scene in Radio Star is Haon give a list of thing he want to do when he become an adult

  • Sleep in Dry Sauna
  • Stay till the morning in PC Bang (Net Cafe)

How come he doesn’t want things that other teens/kids want when they become an adult ?? Haon is different.



Haon tell a story when he decide to quit School to pursue his dreams

As you all know, Haon decide to quit school to pursue his dreams. He set a goal that he want to achieve when he pursue his dream as a musician :

  • Be popular enough he get recognized by other people
  • Have enough money to support himself

He already achieve both of his dream by keep his life Motto “Don’t Troubles anyone, even if you do what you like, don’t cause damage to others around’ 

Haon also remind other kids to not follow his footstep (to quit school) if they doesn’t have a clear goals/plans in mind.



Haon a fan of Jung Joonyoung the Pro Gamer

Every kids these days want to be as good as Jung Joonyoung in PUBG.

Ma Dongseok is a fan of Haon

Ma Dongseok is one of the biggest Movie Stars in South Korea. One day when Haon walk in the streets Ma Dongseok call him out, Ma Dongseok is actually a fan of Haon  !! They exchange phone number and really close ever since !

Ma Dongseok sunbae even ask Haon to come to his movies premiere. he haven’t been able to come because he have a busy schedule back then.



Haon perform ‘Boong Boong’ to finish the episode

We really learn a lot about Haon in this episode of Radio Star. I made a thread of Haon Cut in Twitter. You can also watch the full Episode of Haon in Radio Star ep 602 HERE.

What do you think of Haon Radio Star ??? Leave your comments below !!