Coogie Fact !! That You probably doesn’t knows yet

Kim Jeonghoon, or we knows him better as Coogie !! The rookie rapper is the new storm this year, one of the most rising rapper of 2018 !! Check out Coogie fact 

Coogie fun facts

Coogie Fact, below a fun facts about one of our favorite rapper of 2018 Coogie !!


Where the name Coogie come from ??

Coogie emo

There’s a fashion brand call COOGI. In middle school, he misspelled it as Coogie (read: Kugi) instead of COOGI (read : Kuji). So since then everyone call him Coogie.



Has he serve in the army ??

Coogie Fun Facts

Yes ! Coogie actually already go to the army on 2014. He actually already prepare for SMTM 3 audition but the army already call him. I wonder if The Quiett gonna pass him if h e join earlier on SMTM 3 ??



Coogie & hairband

This is another trademark of Coogie, Why ?? Because when he just debut he think he was too plain, he just look like a normal college students. Without hairband and people don’t recognize him on event. He starts wearing hairband on stage and people start to recognize him. He looks good also with the fashion item so no complain there

Oh ! He also have a song about Hairband with DJ Wegun & Simon Dominic

Nice Coogie

Coogie Fun Facts

Coogie is one of the nicest rapper in the industry. That’s his recipe of success also, he always be polite to e-mail/DM other artist asking to do do featuring with him.

That’s how he meet Bill Stax & Join ATM Seoul. Giriboy & performing on WYBH events. And how he ask Nafla, Kid Milli & Loco one of Coogie hit track ‘Suzuran’



Fan of Beenzino

Coogie is a fan of Beenzino. He even so surprised when Beenzino send a message on SNS congratulate him when he release his Emo #1 Album. Coogie want to collaborate with Beenzino as soon as Beenzino discharge from the army. We honestly can’t wait

Why he name his track Justin bieber??

Do you Know why ?? No ?? so does coogie


Could’ve been WYBH member

Coogie could’ve been one of WYBH member if Yelows Mob didn’t invite hime arlier. Giriboy is too late by 14 hours when offering Coogie to join the crew. Coogie already become a part of Yelowsmob by then.

He still have a good relationship with WYBH though, he even ask to guest on WYBH Christmas party later !! One of Coogie Fact that most talk about by WYBH members.



The Dog is actually Bill Stax Dog

Coogie often play with a doggie but it’s actually Bill Stax/Vasco Dog. The name it’s Lucy and Coogie is taking care of her sometimes.

Yugioh Card game Fan

They say boys will be boys. Not only he got a young looks, he also love to play something that young ones likes to play, Yugi-Oh Card Game !! Do you also play this when you still small ??

Write Lyrics of NCT 127 ‘Regular’ (Korean version)

Didn’t expect this ?? Coogie is a part of ATM Seoul which is a part of Million Market which a part of SM Entertainment. It doesn’t mean Coogie is a part of SM but other Million market artist like Penomeco elso helping creating lyrics for SM artist.

What do you think of Coogie fact?? Are you a fan of him ?? Leave your comments below !!

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