Goosebumps Tragic Tragedy with Juneone, Sik-k & Coogie

Goosebumps release new single album ‘Tragic Tragedy’ !! Producer/DJ Goosebumps always make a good music. It’s no different this time around cause it’s another bop !

Goosebumps Tragic Tragedy

Goosebumps Tragic Tragedy album have a 2 track inside, It’s been 6 months since his last single ‘Hack’ & we really miss the sounds from the Darkroom. If you doesn’t know him yet, you missing lots of good stuff (Not just his music but also his SNS Post!) follow Producer/DJ Goosebumps on Instagram : @Goosebumpstrack


Goosebumps Tragic Tragedy Tracklist

  • Honest feat Juneone
  • Tragic Tragedy feat Sik-k & Coogie


There’s only 2 track but it’s enough (for now) to replenish my playlist. The title track is the track with same title featuring Sik-k & Coogie. The Yelows Mob brother is featuring & they were in sync with Goosebumps music ! The track is actually just a standard gloomy song at the first time, but it’s lit so you can’t help to keep plays it on repeat. I can’t wait to hear this being perform in clubs & event.

Goosebumps Tragic Tragedy feat SIk-k & Coogie lyrics

My favorite track is actually honest featuring JuneOne. Dim the lights in your room, get a cup of hot chocolate, and listen to this track, a wine as company doesn’t sounds bad either.


Goosebumps Tragic Tragedy Single album interview

Goosebumps also recently make a track for Jeremy Que$t ‘Before the Quest’ Mixtape, make sure to check that out aswell.


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