SMTM 777 Quiz | Which SMTM 777 Team are you ??

SMTM 777 Quiz !! Check out which Team suit you the best ~ The answer gonna surprise you !!

SMTM 777 Quiz !! Are you curious which SMTM 777 team you gonna join if you going as an contestant ?? Try answer the question & we give you the answer !!


Favorite SMTM 777 Songs ??

Favorite Pet

Favorite Recreational Place

Music Style

Favorite Music Label ??

Favorite SMTM Seasons ??

If You Join SMTM 777, How Far would you goes ??

Which SMTM 777 Team Are You?

Congratulation !! You're young & energetic. Now you can ask a Razor as a present from The Quiett Hyung

Ah You're the old school type. It's fine !! No one dare to bully you now, just put Don Mills/ Deepflow pics as your profile picture
Cokun Palo

You really odd eh ? It's fine, you always got your pets to accompany you in the night

Your hyung gonna protects you. Don't be scared of people bad comments because Swings & Giri Hyung is here to protect
Bewhy Gray

You definitely The most popular one in class!! The only bad thing is you always skip class so we never see you around

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