Gaho PLT 1st Mini Album | Let’s go on a journey with Gaho

Gaho of Planetarium records release his 1st Mini album !! Its titled ‘Preparation of a Journey’. Prepare yourselves for a journey to know Gaho new Mini album here ~

Gaho PLT

Gaho PLT release new mini album. He already release a few single & Drama OST earlier this year. Gaho & PLT really make a great strides forward on 2018.

If you doesn’t know Gaho, you missing out a lot !! He’s a  member of Planetarium Records agency & Alphadict crew. He’s one of the most talented artist of 2018, he’s a vocalist, Songwriter & also a producer !! You can follow him on IG : @ad_gaho

Gaho ‘Preparation of a Journey’ tracklist

  • Stay Here (Intro)
  • Preparation of a Journey (Title)
  • Going On
  • Then with Villain
  • Heaven

There’s 5 track inside this Mini album / EP . It really show his wide variety of talent. The track didn’t only involved R&B/winter songs. As example. the 3rd track going on have a fun acoustic guitar accompaniment (my non k-hiphop friend even think it’s indie band songs).

Check out The Highlight Medley of Gaho ‘Preparation of a Journey’ Mini album

The title track for this ‘Preparation for a Journey’ Mini album is a track with a same title. Words won’t be enough to convey how good Gaho voice in this track, so go listen to it (i suggest to listen it on the night for better effect). The music also really soothing for some reason, now i want to watch Gaho perform this song LIVE on a auditorium, it’s gonna be amazing.



Gaho PLT ‘Preparation for a Journey’ MV

My personal favorite track from this EP is actually the last track ‘Heaven’ because Gaho sounds heavenly (Okay that’s a bad pun). All and all i really like the mini album !! The music is kinda expected but i definitely gonna add Gaho 1st Mini album/EP ‘Preparation of a Journey’ inside my Playlist.

PLT is really active this year, i personally want to give them an award if there a ‘Best Rookie Agency of 2018’. Recently one of the PLT member Jung Jinwoo also release his 1st solo album.


Listen & Purchase Gaho 1st mini album on Apple Music, Genie, Bugs & Melon



What do you think of Gaho PLT 1st Mini Album ?? Leave your comments below !!