Vinxen MAMA 2018 | Byungjae first MAMA Event !!!

Vinxen is one of the participant on MNET Asian Music Awards. This is Vinxen first appearance on grand Music awards, Welcome Byungjae ah !!

Vinxen MAMA 2018

Vinxen MAMA 2018. Today, he join as one of the performer of MAMA Premiere in Korea 2018, he come alone though even though MNET announce beforehand that Haon gonna come. Even though he’s alone, Vinxen still deliver his best performance !!

Vinxen is one of the nominee of this year MAMA. A nominee for best New Male Artist award 2018 (Haon is also one of the nominee). Vinxen didn’t win the awards (Congrats Stray Kids !!) but we believe there’s more chance for him in the future !!


Vinxen MAMA 2018 Premiere Red Carpet

Vinxen  MAMA 2018 setlist

  • Yoo jaesuk
  • Barcode
  • U Don’t Even Know

Vinxen performance on MAMA 2018 

He perform for 4 minute long, with Barcode only 40 seconds. I’m pretty sure the performance is suppose to be longer with his buddy Haon.


Vinxen really have a great year in 2018 !! From School rapper 2 days, debut with Romantic Factory, his 1st concert, his fight with Kid Milli over & now appear on a stage as big as MAMA. We all really glad for Vinxen !!


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