Kid Milli and Vinxen | How the Diss battle ended

Kid Milli & Vinxen is two of the rapper who have great year on 2018. They also had a beef going on between two of them before. Now everything is okay, but how does it end ??

Kid Milli and Vinxen

Kid Milli and Vinxen, two of the most promising rapper that gain so much popularity on 2018. Wonjae & Byungjae have a beef since earlier this year, it last quite long until few months ago. It’s all good now though, its because something more important for both of them, their fans.

Vinxen on Mic Swagger Season 4

Here’s an oversimplified summary of Kid Milli and Vinxen diss battle

  • Kid Milli think Vinxen copying his flow on School Rapper 2 
  • Kid Milli diss school rapper on ‘Indigo’ 
  • Vinxen reply the diss on Mic Swagger
  • Coogie use Vinxen as reference for SMTM 777 Diss battle




So everything is good now, they even follow each other on SNS !! How come ?? Here’s what Kid Milli said on his interview with Esquire Korea.

“Kid Milli said he moved when he saw Paloalto & Simba Zawadi reconcile on SMTM 777. He also realized that his fan & Vinxen fan is fighting each other on SNS.  Kid Milli doesn’t want the fans to fight each other, it gonna be bad for korea hiphop. Vinxen also share the same point of view, he doesn’t want his fans fighting with other fans. They decide that their diss battle is not as important as the fans & reconcile”



Kid Milli verse on ‘Indigo’

So there you go ~ It’s because of their fans. Sometimes the fans are the one who more heated than the actual artist, the artist never want their fans to clash against each other.

How Kid Milli & Vinxen diss battle solve is a good lesson to everyone, including myself. Sometimes we think we defend the artist by fighting other fandom, actually we just give the artist more problems by doing so. So let’s refrain ourselves from those kind of activities in the future.

Kid Milli and Vinxen

Kid Milli and Vinxen is really active doing music recently. Vinxen already release his EP while Kid Milli release his Maiden Voyage III EP recently. We hope there will be a day when Byungjae & Choi Wonjae  collaborate together!

Follow both of them on Instagram : @Kidcozyboy & @Kiff_vinxen . We look forward for more activities from two of them on 2019 !!


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