Simon Dominic Albamon CF | Address Important Social Issue

Simon Dominic recently become the the Brand Ambassador for Albamon, an mobile employment service App. Beside promoting the application, SsamD also address important social issue, about the low opinion of Part Time workers.

Simon Dominic, Albamon

Simon Dominic Albamon CF. I don’t usually do an in-depth review about Advertising, but this particular advertising is interesting because it address social issue which is not something you saw everyday from an Advertising / CF. Albamon is an employment websie/Mobile app in South Korea.

1st 30 second Albamon CF with Simon Dominic Review

In the CF above, we can see that there’s lot of people doing part time jobs, until it reach 0:30 where the mom said “Do you think Part Time Jobs is a real job ??” with a negative tone.
Simon Dominic answer it on 0:16 with a smart quote “Why do you think Part Time Jobs is not a real Jobs ?? Because everyone can do the job ???”
SsamD further said on 0:24 “Okay then, why don’t you try experience it first ??”

2nd 15 Second Simon Dominic Albamon CF

SsamD start the advertising with “Did you know which lipstick have strawberry Milk pink color ??”
The Part time workers now ~
Ssamd further said on 0:10 “there, you need a talent to do a part time job.. Part Time workers Respect !”

3rd 15 second Simon Dominic Albamon CF

Simon Dominic start this adverttising with Fashion ” Can you memorize this order ???”
The girl ask a complicated coffee order but the part time workers can do it with ease
Simon Dominic further said on 0:10 “See ? Part Time worker also have skills, Part Time workers respect !!’

In A first Glance, this CF is only a normal CF, but when you dig deeper, it actually show some of important issue in the Society, not only in South korea but i believe also for the rest of the world.

  • Bad Image of Part Time worker/Jobs
  • Part Time Jobs is not a real job
  • Lack of Job Availability for young generation
  • Also high unemployment rate

I won’t go further into social structure & economics of South korea but i glad Simon Dominic accepting this job as Albamon Ambassador . He’s really the embodiment of Hard Work.


There’s more KHH artist that do Advertising, this year reallly been a good year for Korea hiphop.



What do you think of Simon Dominic Albamon CF ?? Is this also happen in your country ?? Leave your comments below !!