Lil Boi David | A prologue of Lil Boi Full Album

Lil Boi is back !! One part of Geeks Lil Boi is back with a new single album ‘David’. These 2 tracks actually just a prologue of his upcoming full album !!

Lil Boi David

Lil Boi david is a single album with 2 track inside. It’s been a while since Lil Boi release anything (He still featured in other artist song every now and then), a long while to be exact.

GRANDLINE (Lil Boi Agency) suddenly release a teaser of Lil Boi, at first it’s hard to believe because it’s been a really long time since he release anything. So without further ado let’s jump to the track !!

Lil Boi David

Lil Boi David SIngle album tracklist

  • Go prod by SlomĀ 
  • David feat Kim E-Z

As you probably guess, the title track is the one who have the same name as title ‘David’ !!! This new track featured Kim E-Z (the 94 liner one not the former member of Baby VOX one). She sing the first part of the track ‘David’ .

Lil Boi David

The teaser above is the actual track of his track ‘David’. As you can heard, the intro of ‘David’ is really something new from Lil Boi, it’s a change that i personally like though. The last 14 seconds is still the same track ‘David’, the music is really changing in the middle of the track & it become a totally different track, it’s like we got 2 track in 1 !!

‘David’ single album is just a prologue of Lil Boi full Album called ‘Meantime which will be released sometime next year. These 2 tracks won’t be included on the next album so i really curious of what Lil Boi have in store for his full album, i hope he bring his fellow Geeks member Louie in the album.

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What do you think of LIl Boi new Single Album ‘David’ ??? Leave your comments below !!