Woke Up Like this | Nafla & Loopy duo track

” Woke up like this ~ Woke up like this ~” That’s the hook of the new song by Loopy & Nafla !! This is their first track after SMTM 777 ended, have you listened to it ??

Woke Up LIke This

Woke Up Like this is the new track from SMTM 777 Winner & Runner up, Nafla & Loopy. They got the inspiration for this track after experiencing a new life after SMTM 777 ended, when they finally can woke up in the morning without any worries.

The track is actually already gone viral before it even released ! Nafla & loopy post a series of pics on their Instagram with a caption #wokeuplikethis & it becomes trending few weeks ago !! We never expect that their pics is actually a teaser for their new song with the same title.

Wokeup like this by Loopfla

The lyrics to Loopy & nafla new singgle  is a snippet of their daily life, we glad we got to know deeper into them & can appreciate their hard work. They really deserve all the love they can get.

Here’s Nafla Lyrics

“Woke up
After the Dawn is over
I Woke Up
The Weather look better

My Friends enjoy Friday Night
uh, i need to work right after i woke up”

Nafla & loopy only release the audio few days ago but we expect the MV to come later on considering they already did a photo shoot & shooting a video that i believe it’s for the MV.

Woke Up Like This

This duo from Nafla & Loopy is not just one-shot thing. On an event in a cafe in Seongsu-dong, they share that Loopfla will have a duo album Spring next year. Nafla & Loopy is good enough as solo artist, as a duo ?? We look forward to it !!


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